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Overview | Key Features | Benefits | How do I start? | Pricing | Free Trial | Order Now!
GalileoSM Ad Manager is the most powerful banner management software on the web at the most affordable price. It enables you to serve and schedule advertising throughout your web sites.

With GalileoSM Ad Manager you can control and rotate your Ad campaigns including Ad buttons, banners, pop Ups, pop unders and skyscrapers.

GalileoSM Ad Manager supports either text, image, HTML or flash based banners, providing you the most advanced features, the latest technology, and easy to use control panel.

Increase your revenue by using GalileoSM Ad Manager and discover how many benefits you will gain.

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Key Features
  • No Scripting or programming required, just copy and past the code in your page.
  • Add, delete and edit unlimited numbers of advertisers.
  • Add, delete and edit unlimited numbers of campaigns and assign them to a specific advertiser.
  • Add, delete and edit unlimited numbers of areas and zones.
  • Add, delete and edit unlimited numbers of banners and assign them to a specific campaign and zone.
  • Enable/disable advertiser, campaign and banner at any time.
  • Supports several banner types: text, html, image and flash banners.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Provides complete statistic reports of advertisers, campaign and banners with graphic charts.
  • Options to filter/block certain IP addresses.
  • Options to filter/block certain countries.
  • Supports normal banners, pop up windows, pop under windows.
  • Options to open a new window when clicking on banner.
  • Customize banner width and height.
  • Customize alt text and underneath text of banners.
  • Customize banner's border width.
  • Priority control of banners.
  • Control campaign's rotation based on numbers of clicks and impressions.
  • Control campaign's rotation based on starting-date and end-date, with option to continues viewing regardless the date.
  • Control campaign's rotation over specific time interval.
  • Option to rotate campaigns in specific weekdays or during all weekdays.
  • Support 3 campaigns types: CPM, per click and flat rate.
  • Multiple banners per campaign.
  • Option to provide advertisers with a password to view there Ad statistics reports using a separate login page.

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Why should I use GalileoSM Ad Manager in my site?
  • Decrease total cost of operating, managing and controling of your web site advertisings.
  • Give your advertisers valuable instant feature to view there campaigns statistics.
  • Increase your revenue by enabling a value added banner feature to your web site.
  • Increase the value of your web sites so more profits with time.
  • Generate interests and increase visitors retention to your products and services by adding advertising banners of them at your web site.

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How do I Start?
  1. Simply go to the order page and signup for the GalileoSM Ad Manager.
  2. You will be given a password and username to login to GalileoSM control panel.
  3. Add new advertisers, campaigns, and banners information then customize their features.
  4. GalileoSM Ad Manager will automatically generate the code for you.
  5. Copy and paste the generated code into your web pages directly and get started instantly.

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Pricing and licensing
GalileoSM Ad Manager is available at two payment options:

Payment option Price Order !
Monthly $200 (Save 15%) Order Now!
Licensing: Ad Manager licensing: GalileoSM Ad Manager is licensed for a single domain name with unlimited numbers of web pages.

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"Easy to use - the best I've ever seen. I appreciate organization done well...that is why I am using this service."

-Atef Heeda
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