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  1. Does Galileo SM have wizards to guide me in configuring the components?
  2. How is Galileo SM priced?
  3. Can I try Galileo SM services before I order it?
  4. Is Galileo SM secure?
  5. Is Galileo SM Y2k compliant?
  6. Will I have to change my website design to work with Galileo SM?
  7. How is Galileo SM supported?
  8. How long does it take to install Galileo SM services?
  9. Do I need to have database support on my web server in order to run Galileo SM services?
  10. What are the minimum and recommended hosting server configurations to run Galileo SM services on my web site?
  11. Does Galileo SM services works with HTML or ASP web pages?
  12. What Web Server Platforms does Galileo SM support?

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-Atef Heeda
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