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Galileo™ SM provides you powerful components to empower and enrich your web site. Galileo™ SM offers you the most advanced features on the Web:
Galileo™ SM Key Featrues:

  • Powerful and Rich
    Galileo™ SM offers you the widest range of Web tools on the Internet, Currently Galileo™ SM provides more than 20 tools and components that enrich and empower your web site. Our developers are working hardly to add more components in the near future.
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  • Multi language Support This feature allows you to change the default language of your Galileo™ SM control panel interface (menu, system messages, labels, text etc.). However you can set a specific language for each component separately (Web directory, Guest Book, Polls etc.). Currently Galileo™ SM supports two languages (English and Arabic), soon Galileo™ SM will support more language interfaces (French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch).
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  • NO Software to install, easy to setup!
    Installation and usage are both very easy, simply order your Galileo™ SM component, you will given a login username and password, login to your Galileo™ SM control panel, add you data, customize the look-and-feel of your component, Galileo™ SM will return the code automatically and finally copy and paste the generated code into your web site. You do not have to learn any programming languages or HTML skills. Galileo™ SM makes it easy.
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  • Independent
    Regardless the hosting platform of your web site, Galileo™ SM runs on any platform (Windows 2000, Windows NT, Linux, Unix, Solaris etc.) and can be worked at any web page extensions (html, htm, asp, php, jsp etc.).
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  • Incredibly Affordable
    For the low cost as less as $6 per month you have the most powerful web tools and components on the web. Galileo™ SM offers you all of the benefits available from having such feature rich and advanced components at much more affordable price and on an essentially risk free basis.
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  • Secure and Private
    Galileo™ SM provides you the security and privacy you are looking for. Your components can not be run except at your domain name, so no one can steel your code and paste it on his web pages; simply because it will not work on other web sites!
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  • Advanced control panel
    Galileo™ SM offers you the most advanced, powerful and feature rich control panel on the web, which allows you to customize and manage all your components from one control panel interface. Importantly you can access your control panel from any computer connected to the internet anywhere anytime with just one login username and password.
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  • Free life time upgrade
    You don't have to spend much more money to upgrade your version of Galileo™ SM. We will do this for you for Free, we spend extensive investments to improve and enhance Galileo™ SM in order to provide you the most advanced features and the latest technology. Galileo™ SM professional developers are dedicated to providing you the superior web technology.
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  • Customizable to meet your requirements
    Galileo™ SM is fully customizable, you can configure the look-and-feel of your components to suite your web page colors and design. With minimum adjustments of components properties you can control colors, texts, fonts, backgrounds, messages, buttons etc.

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"Easy to use - the best I've ever seen. I appreciate organization done well...that is why I am using this service."

-Atef Heeda
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