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A list of Downloadable manuals, programs and other files that will help you how to use our services and control panels..

Backup Utilities

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Auto Train uses enclosed car carriers and their rates are fairly high, starting at around $100 per passenger each way and about $200 for the car. ,
File Size: 0 K
License: Evaluation, FEsHSRAkreAcnuPllnF0 fbCAUZBkHSrwmlrije
10/13/2009180Download His_wife43
Category: System Utilities Backup Utilities

Handy Recovery
Handy Recovery is an easy to use program designed to restore files accidentally deleted from a hard disk or a diskette. The program can recover files damaged by virus attacks, power failures and software faults. If some program does not use Recycle Bin when deleting files, Handy Recovery can restore such files. It can also recover files moved to Recycle Bin after it has been emptied.
File Size: 545 K
OS: All Windows
License: Free
7/18/2006502Download Handy Recovery
Category: System Utilities Backup Utilities

BackUp XP
The best, fastes and easy to use award winning backup and restore solution for all backup medias - HD,ZIP,FTP,CD-R/RW, etc. It supports unlimited backup profiles. It can be configured to start the backup automatically (powerful scheduler using command line options/switches) , ZIP compatible archiving, file&directory synchronization, FTP&eMail backup, file&directory filters, archive encryption, advanced search&restore, scheduler, statistics, etc.
File Size: 2.277 MB
OS: All Windows
License: Free
7/18/2006483Download BackUp XP
Category: System Utilities Backup Utilities

Easy Backup
This easy-to-use backup utility (The Easy-Backup) safely protects your information from loss or damage. It's not necessary for you to carry out complicated adjustments and edit schedulers. Just specify folders that are subject to the backup process and set a place where your backup files should be stored. At last you just need to set a time interval that determines the start of the backup process after last modifications were made within specified for backup folders.
File Size: 670 K
OS: All Windows
License: Free
7/18/2006421Download Easy Backup
Category: System Utilities Backup Utilities

Handy Backup
Handy Backup is a easy-to-use and powerful backup program for Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP. Can work with FTP and local network. Flexible scheduler, strong file encryption and multi-choice zip compression on the fly.
File Size: 1.456 MB
OS: All Windows
License: Free
7/18/2006462Download Handy Backup
Category: System Utilities Backup Utilities
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