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A list of Downloadable manuals, programs and other files that will help you how to use our services and control panels..

Misc. Games

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Downloads Entertainment Misc. Games
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Date addedRatingDownloadsAvailability
This is an appalling state of affairs. ,, [url=""][/url],, gqzyn,
File Size: 0 K
License: Evaluation, tnwlvRkyWVPwBkTCHc0 LUywQqKpRI
10/25/2009446Download Crazy47
Category: Entertainment Misc. Games

Flight Chase
Flight Chase - Think that tough flight simulators are too difficult - play this free game! Cool strategy game. Escape enemies and get bonuses.

File Size: 461 K
OS: All Windows
License: Free
7/17/2006431Download Flight Chase
Category: Entertainment Misc. Games

Slot Machine 98
A 32bit slot machine simulator with 5 different themes, lots of sounds, nice graphics, highscores and statistics about all players that have a highscore. Smooth scrolling wheels, and a configuration window where you adjust wheel & animation speed an much more. You can also make your own themes, just follow the instructions in the 'readme' file. A must have for slot machine gamblers.

File Size: 2.008 MB
OS: All Windows
License: Free
7/17/2006433Download Slot Machine 98
Category: Entertainment Misc. Games

The General
"The General" is a turn-based military strategy. 2 to 20 states can take part in each game. In the beginning of the game each of the states gets an equal territory and equal resources. You are the leader (or a marshal, as you wish) of one of them. Your goal is to unite the world under your rule, upon conquering all the other states.

File Size: 1.1 MB
OS: All Windows
License: Free
7/17/2006430Download The General
Category: Entertainment Misc. Games

Magic Reel
This is a nice slot machine game with excellent graphics (16 bit color). It is not just a simple slot machine game.

File Size: 2.7 MB
OS: All Windows
License: Free
7/17/2006431Download Magic Reel
Category: Entertainment Misc. Games
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