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A list of Downloadable manuals, programs and other files that will help you how to use our services and control panels..

DVD Tools

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Downloads Multimedia DVD Tools
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Nero CD-DVD Speed
Nero CD-DVD Speed will scan and analyze your CD drive. it includes a ScanDisc function with File Test & Surface Scan to verify the integrity of the CD as well as several other tests, including Overburning Test. The ScanDisk function consists of two parts, the File Test which simply reads all files on the disc and reports all errors and can also be used for benchmarking to give you an idea on how well the drive performs. The Surface Scan checks the quality of each sector and shows the results in a graph.
File Size: 42 K
OS: All Windows
License: Free
7/18/2006427Download Nero CD-DVD Speed
Category: Multimedia DVD Tools

Zilla CD-DVD Rip & Burn
Zilla CD-DVD Rip & Burn for CD & DVD burning & ripping. Create & burn data CDs, DVDs, ISO-images, multi-session & bootable. Create & burn audio CDs easily from WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG, RAW, VOX, etc files & burn CUE-images to disc directly. Supports most IDE, USB, IEEE1384, SCSI DVD+R/RW, CD recorders, Records DVD+R/RW & CD discs On-the-Fly, erases re-writable discs, Supports Buffer Protection systems, Burn Proof & others error free recording types.
File Size: 3.924 MB
OS: All Windows
License: Free
7/18/2006433Download Zilla CD-DVD Rip & Burn
Category: Multimedia DVD Tools

DVD Genie
DVD Genie allows you to modify the region code for popular software-based DVD Players including such players as Software Cinemaster, PowerDVD and WinDVD (among a few). It also allows you to tweak these programs with undocumented features to better fit your system. DVD Genie will also allow you to select which program runs when a DVD Disc is inserted into the drive and contains support for fullscreen Zooming on widescreen movies with certain players.
File Size: 303 K
OS: All Windows
License: Free
7/18/2006479Download DVD Genie
Category: Multimedia DVD Tools

Cliprex DVD Player Professional
Cliprex DVD Player Professional software is the free solution for playing DVDs on the PC. Cliprex DVD Player Professional will handle playback of both commercial and consumer-created DVDs. Beside DVD video it supports most well known video standard formats, like DIVX, XVID, MPEG, WMV, ASF, Video CD, Super Video CD and any other videofile you have the codec installed for. This software DVD player gives an impressive video and sound quality with an easy navigation interface through a context menu.
File Size: 2.41 MB
OS: All Windows
License: Free
7/18/2006463Download Cliprex DVD Player Professional
Category: Multimedia DVD Tools
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